Waterbirth Q&A with Liz Withnall, CNM

It's time for.....(drum roll please!)....ask the Midwife with Liz Withnall, CNM! Q: I have heard that some women give birth in water. What are the advantages of doing this? Are there any risks to myself or my baby? Liz says: The use of warm water for relaxation and pain relief during labor is not a new idea. In the 1960’s, water birth became popular in Russia, and in the 1970’s and 1980’s thousands of water births occurred in Europe. Currently, birthing in water is a popular option in hospitals and birth centers across the U.S. Many benefits of immersion in water during labor and birth have been documented by research. These benefits include reduction in the perception of pain; reduction in the need for pain medications; increased relaxation; shorter labor; decreased incidence of lacerations during birth; and increased satisfaction with birth experience. Women who experience water birth very often comment on what a positive experience it is, and how they would like to birth that way again with the next baby. In order to experience the full benefits of water birth, full immersion is necessary, which means the mom is in a deep tub, with her belly covered with water, all the way up to the breasts. Being fully immersed promotes the hormonal responses of the body which aid in the relaxation of the woman and shortening of the labor. The recommended temperature of the water is between 98 F and 101F, in order to avoid chilling or [...]

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