You don’t have to suffer from the inconvenience or pain of: heavy or painful bleeding, fibroids, polyps, or cysts, pelvic pain, leaking urine or a feeling of “bulging” or “falling out” in the pelvic area. We urge you to come see your regular practitioner here at WSNM to discuss alternatives that are quick, safe, and designed to have you back on your feet with little or no down-time.

If you are frustrated by heavy, painful or abnormal periods but don’t want to have a hysterectomy or return to birth control pills, you can consider Novasure — one of the latest generation of devices that treat the entire inside of the uterus at once. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes to do as an office/outpatient surgery and involves little post operative discomfort for the patient and women are usually on their way within one hour of the procedure. Another option that both controls bleeding while being a 99.9% effective form of birth control is the Mirena IUD.

In Office Procedures
In Office Procedures

Permanent birth control isn’t restricted to surgeries such as vasectomies and tubal ligations anymore–the Essure device is another form of permanent birth control that can be performed in our offices without general anesthesia and in most cases, women leave the office within 1 hour of the procedure. For more information, go to: The Essure Device

Evidence of pelvic floor disorders such as leaking urine, a feeling of heaviness, or a feeling as if something is falling out of the vagina can be treated with a variety of modalities, most of which are conducted during an in-office visit. Please visit: Pelvic Floor Disorders for additional information.

Fibroids, polyps, heavily painful periods, or ovarian cysts or masses can be treated with minimally invasive surgeries and outpatient laparoscopies. Go to Hysterectomy Options for more information on alternatives to traditional hysterectomies. Unlike traditional hysterectomies after which patients usually return to work only after 4-6 weeks, minimally invasive surgeries for cysts, masses or heavy bleeding require only one day in the hospital and patients return to work within 10 to 20 days. Check out Duke University’s article on these types of surgery: Minimally Invasive Surgeries