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Jasmine Doiev, CNM


Jasmine Doiev, CNM Originally from California, Jasmine began her career in diabetes research where she found a love for talking to families about nutrition and blood sugar management. She later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to train as a doula, Labor and Delivery nurse, and pursue a Master of Science in Nursing. She [...]

Michael-Ann Gabaldon, CNM


Michael-Ann Gabaldon, CNM Midwifery came to Ann Gabaldon as a second career later in life after giving birth to her own two children.  The changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, labor and postpartum touched her deeply through her own experience which led her to become a doula, L&D nurse, lactation consultant, and now [...]

Cathleen Hewlett-Masser, CNM


Cathleen Hewlett-Masser, CNM Cathleen Hewlett-Masser, CNM, grew up in Western Pennsylvania but delighted at the opportunity to move to New Mexico in 2005. She spent her first decade serving women and families in Northern New Mexico as a Labor and Delivery nurse and Lactation Consultant. Since then, she worked as a midwife while [...]

Danielle Hoelter, CNM


Danielle Hoelter, CNM Danielle grew up in New Jersey but has lived in New Mexico for the past 14 years and has been working in the birthing community during that time. She joined Women's Specialists of New Mexico in 2017 and enjoys the close collaborative practice and delivering babies at the Lovelace Women's Hospital. [...]

Stephanie Levy, CNM


Stephanie Levy, CNM Originally from New York, Stephanie first found her passion for serving women as a brand new labor and delivery nurse in 2008, when she witnessed first-hand the power and beauty that women exude in childbirth. She believes that all women innately embody these qualities and feels honored each time she can [...]

Alicia Castillo, CNM


Alicia Castillo, CNM Alicia trained at the University of New Mexico where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2004 and later returned to complete her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), in the Nurse-Midwifery Concentration in 2008. Though she didn’t grow up here, Alicia has lived in New Mexico [...]

Rebecca Leeman, CNM


Rebecca Leeman, CNM Beginning her studies in cultural anthropology and health, Rebecca came to nursing and then midwifery with the goal of incorporating service to underserved areas both within and beyond the border. After midwifery school, she lived and worked in the Zuni-Navajo area for six years. Rebecca came to WSNM in 1999. She [...]